What does Enrich Learning offer prospective students and parents?
Enrich Learning is an online education centre that puts students at the centre of their learning. We provide virtual group tuition classes, parent consultations and online extracurricular activities at the most affordable rates. Our expert-led community for parents, carers and guardians aims to assist you in giving your child the best possible education.

When and how often do classes run?
Depending on what year your child is in they will receive 3-5 hours a week, 1 hour a day Monday - Thursday, from 6pm until 8:15pm.
Key Stage 2 receive 4 hours of tuition each week, Key Stage 3 receive 3 hours of tuition each week, and Year 10 and Year 11 (GCSE) receive 5 hours of tuition each week.
The tuition is accompanied by regular assessment & past paper practice.

Costs - How much is each class? How often is payment taken? Are there any discounts available?
Our online tutoring prices vary depending on your child's age and the subjects they wish to be tutored in. A breakdown of our prices can be seen here. All payments are taken automatically on a recurring monthly basis, and we also provide sibling discounts.​

How does my child log in and use the platform?​
To access the platform follow this link and enter the login details you've been sent via email. The first time you log in it will ask you to change your password, please do so. This will allow you to access the classes by simply clicking on MLTV and selecting the subject for the day.​To help you with the above steps, please watch the following tutorials below. We strongly encourage you and your child to watch these tutorials to help you understand how to use the platform before classes start.
Student Tutorial If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What does each course cover, and is the curriculum aligned to what my child is learning at school?
The subjects on offer include: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning, and we offer tutoring to all ages and levels from Key Stage 2 to A-Level.

All learning materials are provided by us and are always 100% aligned with the national curriculum, and for GCSE & A-Level students, all major exam boards. We set out the topic for each lesson and all students learn the same thing, like at school. This creates a more productive and unified learning environment.

Tell me more about the debating workshops
Our virtual debating club is an opportunity for your child to build their confidence and amplify their voice. Your child will receive an hour session with debating expert Hamza King each week. We keep the classes size small so that your child can really engage in the activity. There are only 10 spaces per group! Click here to register.​

How many students will there be in each class and will they all be of a similar level? ​
There's a maximum of 15 students to 1 tutor and we make sure all students are at the same stage of their studies and where students might be working at slightly different levels within the subject, asking questions will enable the tutor to stop and clarify any particular areas individual students are struggling with. If your child has any special educational requirements we would recommend a full parent consultation to determine whether our 1-1 tutoring services would be better for them, this can be booked Here

Who teaches the classes, and what safeguarding measures are in place?
Enrich Learning only uses the most qualified teachers who specialize in specific subject areas. Take a further look at our tutors in the Meet The Team section.

All sessions are recorded and each of our tutors has had an enhanced DBS check.

How will I be updated on my child’s progress and will I be able to contact Tutors in between sessions?
The best way to monitor your student's progress and communicate with our tutors is through the Fusion Platform / App, either by logging into the site or downloading the app here. It’s important to remember that all our tutors are busy individuals and will try their best to reply as promptly as possible, but if you’re after a more personal service our 1 to 1 tutoring should be considered. Alternatively, any queries regarding the platform, payment, or technical issues can be sent to our email address: Admin@enrichlearning.co.uk

What platform do the lessons use, and how interactive is each session?
The Fusion Tutoring platform we use creates virtual classrooms with several interactive features such as whiteboards, chat rooms/ break-out rooms, link sharing, user control, recording, annotation and the sharing of work. Students are free to ask questions at any point during the sessions and are actively encouraged to interact as much as possible. We regularly test students in order to make sure they’re keeping up with the syllabus and for tutors to identify any topics that need extra attention. The results of these tests can be viewed by parents in the fusion portal or app.

What if the session isn't working (technical problems)?
Before each session, our tutor will test out the space and make sure that everything is working. We recommend logging into the portal an hour or two prior to your first session to get used to the platform and ensure everything is working correctly. If you run into any problems feel free to message us on the platform or email us at admin@enrichlearning.co.uk *note - Students will only be able to access the virtual session once the tutor is online.

How do I book my place?
To book a place fill out the registration form here. We’ll take your information and arrange to have a call with you about your requirements, and if Enrich Learning is right for you.​