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Online group tuition

  • We offer a range of group online tuition classes.

  • We offer small group sessions as well as classes of up to 15 students.

  • Students are welcome to join our group classes from age 7 (school year 3).

  • Subjects on offer include: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and 11+/13+/16+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • One to one tuition is available upon request.

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Virtual Debating

  • Our Virtual Debating Club is an opportunity for your child to develop their confidence and strong public speaking skills.

  • Classes are available for students of all ages (7+).

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Join the EL Whatsapp Community

  • Our WhatsApp community is your opportunity to connect with other parents and learn more about how to maximise your child’s potential.

  • Each week we update you with information about Education in the news.

  • We invite experts to engage with you in the group chat and answer your questions.

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Extra Activities

  • Debate clubs

  • Summer camps

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