• Onyinye Udokporo

The Founder's Story

I have always been passionate about education; it is the most powerful tool in the world.

My parents made every effort to ensure that I had the best education possible. They made me aware of the importance of hard work from a young age. I want to use the skills I have gained on this journey to create opportunities for others. I will begin by sharing my story which I hope will inspire all who come across it to dream big and aim high.

I grew up in Edmonton, North London. Those of you who know of it, will be aware of its unfortunate reputation. I like to think of it as place with masses of potential but little inspiration. Fortunately for me I was not affected by this. I was always lucky to have had excellent teachers. Like many Nigerian parents, my mum and dad insisted on additional tuition. I feel as though that decision was made when I was in the womb. Some of my primary school teachers made effort to ensure that I achieved my very best however, in order to be true to you and most importantly myself, the game changers were my tutors. They spent countless hours encouraging me, they gave me a robust work ethic and laid a foundation that I have built in ways that some people can only imagine.

The additional support my parents provided me through tuition enabled me to have, what I believe, is the best secondary schooling any 11-year-old girl could ask for. With the help of a bursary and sponsorship I attended Christ’s Hospital and I had the best seven years there. My teachers were selfless in their approach to teaching; I knew that they truly cared about me and my development. They taught me that life comes at you fast; you have to take every and any opportunity that comes at you and run with it. Leaving Edmonton and submerging myself in an environment where there were no limitations on what one could achieve brought the best out in me. Whilst I was there, I genuinely believed that there was nothing that was not in my reach. I still believe this now.

The go-getter mentality I developed in my teenage years helped me gain a place at King’s College London. I read Religion, Politics and Society BA (Hons) and I am now going on to complete my masters in Education, Policy and Society MA. The study habits I developed in my early years enabled me to fully engage with all that university has to offer. My hard work, resilience and persistence led me to being awarded the inaugural Student of the Year in 2018. My time at King’s has helped me to realise that I am beginning to build a brand out of being myself. I want this brand to help every young person, regardless of colour, creed or circumstance, achieve their very best. I believe that one way of doing so is through the means of providing students with a good education.

I began tutoring young people at the age of 12. I started doing this because I wanted to keep myself busy in my long summer holidays; the idea of making a bit of pocket money made it even more attractive. Little did I know, that 9 years later, with over 150 children on my register to date, that tutoring would be my passion. I want to see young people thrive. I want to see young people over come challenges. I want to see young people grow confidently into decent members of our society. There is no better way to equip them than with a good education.

I created Enrich Learning because I want to provide our society with an affordable means of top-quality teaching and additional support. I also want to help parents understand how schooling works in the UK. I was fortunate to have parents who are in the know about how British schools function. Over the years, it has become apparent to me that this is not the case for many parents. I have set myself the challenge of creating a space where parents can find the answers to many of their education related questions.

If you are seeking a good education, we, at Enrich Learning are here to help. This service is being provided for all. Join me on this journey where we hope to inspire and enlighten you.

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