Life in Lockdown According to Wonder: Turning to God & Learning Life Lessons

On the 19th of March 2020, the Department for Education and the Minister of Health held a meeting concluding on the closure of all the schools in the UK until further notice due to Coronavirus, COVID -19. This was a precaution taken to slow the spread of the virus that kills people easily once contracted and puts pressure on NHS staff and hospital facilities.

COVID-19 started in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Some people think it started from Chinese people eating bats and snakes. However, some social media users seem to think that it isn’t COVID-19 that is making everyone feel sick, but that the recent release of the 5G network is the dilemma. At the moment, I am not listening to that, all I am doing is staying safe, washing my hands regularly, observing social distancing and relying on God to save us all.

I am having my lockdown in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Schools have been closed for 31 days so far, which is equivalent to 4 weeks and 3 days (based on the day I am writing this). I feel saddened about being locked up from the rest of the world, especially my friends, family and some of my teachers. I hope God will perform a miracle soon so we can all see one another again.

I am only allowed to go outside for a jog or a walk to keep fit. During this lockdown, I am doing work that has been printed out from my school website to keep me busy and to keep my brain sharpened in preparation for secondary school. Also, I am doing online tutoring lessons with Enrich Learning.

I believe when we go back to school depends on when a vaccine is produced for the infection and the death toll reduces. Right now, I feel all shut away and I miss my friends. I really want to see my friends, my tutors and my teachers; this lockdown could have been where people learn lots of new things, so I want to hear their experiences and what they have learnt.

During this lockdown, I have been learning new skills. I joined a video editing class with my Mum recently and I am humbled to say that I edited my first 1 minute long video, that detailed a sewing session at home on the 21st of April. I am very excited about this and look forward to making more videos.

My family has had more time praying and studying the Bible during this lockdown. On a daily basis, we spend quality time learning Christian values and ways of living decently from the Bible and I am really enjoying this.

Once the lockdown is lifted, the first place I will visit (if my parents oblige) is KFC or McDonalds or Nandos. Also, before the lockdown happened, I was supposed to go to Alton Towers with my family, once the lockdown is lifted, we will be headed straight there.

After this lockdown is over, I will be a lot more cautious with what I touch and eat. This lockdown has been a chance to learn more life lessons and spend time with my family.

Thank you for reading.

Wonder Daodu

Year 6

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

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