Life in Lockdown According to Sign: Studying Online, Missing Family & Looking Forward to the Future

Updated: May 20, 2020

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The Department for Education, and the Minister of Health, declared a lockdown on the 19th of March 2020, because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus is a viral infection that is deadly. The symptoms of Coronavirus are flu-like. The government thinks that if schools still remain open then students are at a very high risk, so all schools were closed as a result of the lockdown. 

I live in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. When I heard that the UK was going on lockdown, I was annoyed and upset because that meant I would not be able to see my friends anymore, but I understood why because the government wanted to keep us safe. I was angry  because I would not be able to get the exercise I really needed. I think this really affected my mother because she is a Photographer, and she could no longer do her photography work. 

At home, I like to do house chores, watch TV, play with my brother, and I enjoy sewing with my Mum. The only time I  get to go outside is when my Mother and I go for a jog.  

As a result of the lockdown, I get to study online with Enrich Learning tutoring. My teachers are Miss Onyinye and Mr Mer Mer. I also get to pick up school work and tasks from an online Google Classroom set up for my class and school. This gives me the  opportunity to connect with my classmates remotely.  

I believe the lockdown will be over when a vaccine has been produced to reduce the death toll and the number of people who contract the virus. Being on lockdown makes me feel lonely and bored. I miss my teacher, my friends, people in my church, my uncles and my aunties. 

After the lockdown is over, I would like to go to Nigeria because my parents originate from there. I  would give some food to the food banks so that less privileged people can have something to eat. I have heard that my grandparents were very rich, so I would like to see some of their properties (my grandparents are dead though). In addition, I would actually love to go to Marks & Spencer to do some clothes shopping. 

I will be visiting my friends house so we can spend lots of time together. I also want all of my friends to come to my house, so we can have a party. Furthermore, when the government announces the lockdown is over, I will go straight outside and go to the park to get some fresh air I really need which I have not gotten in a long time. When the lockdown is over, I will feel very excited and joyful because I will be able to go to Nigeria, and I will be able to go back to school and church. 

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have enjoyed it.

Sign Daodu

Year 4

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

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