Covid-19 & Me, a poem by Kayla Erekpaine

Coronavirus is dangerous,

Coronavirus is life-threatening,

Will this crisis end?

I stay at home, listening and waiting,

For good news to be announced.

Masks may be useful,

Gloves may be useful,

Shall God keep everyone safe?

Praying in silence,

With family and friends,

Not in person, but in spirit,

Trying to keep positive,

Trying to keep brave,

How will we survive?

Nobody knows yet, all we can do is wait.

Death, Misery, Mourning,

Will these feelings ever end?

Many people die,

People cry,

The only thing we don't understand

Is how to get rid of this feeling.

Will darkness take over?

Could it just end like this?

Does anybody take this serious?

These are the questions I ask myself.

Does anyone else ask these questions to themselves?

As I say these words tonight,

Hopeful everything will change,

Everything will change from bad to good.

This is what I pray.

Kayla Erekpaine, Year 7

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