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Director & Founder

Onyinye graduated from King's College London (KCL) in July 2019. Her degree is in Religion, Politics and Society BA (Hons). She was awarded the first ever KCL student of the year award in 2018 and is now completing her masters in Education, Policy and Society MA. Onyinye has been an international tutor and education consultant for 10 years; she teaches English, Religious Studies, Philosophy and History. 


Maths, Economics & Business Studies Tutor

Narain is a final year student at King’s College London (KCL). He is studying Business Management BSC (Hons) at King’s Business School. He has a keen passion for entrepreneurship, demonstrated by him being involved in the launch of several start-ups. Narain has been a tutor for over four years and firmly believes in helping students unlock their full potential and excel at all stages of education.

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English Tutor

Ana is a final year Ancient History student at King's College London. She was awarded the King's Experience Global Award in 2018 and has been admitted to a summer school at the University of Geneva to read Law.  She has an interest in pursuing a career in financial services after securing spring weeks at Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg LP and internships at Deutsche Bank and Sabre Fund Management. Ana is excited to help others develop academically and professionally.


Spanish Tutor

Andrea Barbeau is an incoming International Relations with Spanish student at the University of Sussex. Given her diverse background, Andrea is fluent in both French and Spanish, with an aim to further her language skills by learning Portuguese. Having recently returned from travelling in the Americas, Andrea has developed her Spanish skills to native level which has enabled her to win a national Spanish debating competition. She endeavours to incorporate knowledge of Hispanic culture into her teaching.

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French & History of Art Tutor

Having recently graduated with a first from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, Marjotte has completed her masters in Art History at Oxford University. Born in a French/English family, Marjotte is bi-lingual and particularly enjoys tutoring languages which she has been doing for the past 5 years. She also loves transmitting her passion for art history through her tutoring.


French Tutor

Zahra is a final year undergraduate, studying French, Spanish, and Portuguese at the University of Cambridge. She is also proficient in Italian, having lived in Milan for three years as a child. Following that, she spent three years studying at home, achieving her self-taught IGCSEs through distance-learning. She has been tutoring for over three years and spent her third academic year teaching English in Parisian middle schools, too. After university, she intends to pursue a career in consultancy.

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Chemistry Tutor

Lian is a caring and experienced tutor of six years who has various experiences of working with young people between the ages of 3 and 18. Lian has a strong passion for helping young people to grow and become fearless learners.  Her approach to teaching is creative, enthusiastic and adaptable.  Lian tutors alongside her studies - she is currently a first year medical student at the University of East Anglia and has a Biomedical Science degree from King’s College London.  In her spare time Lian mentors aspiring medics with the university application process. She also enjoys music, playing the piano and the french language.


Biology Tutor

Jess is a secondary school Biology tutor at Enrich Learning. Jess graduated from the University of Exeter in 2018 studying Medical Sciences and since then runs two businesses whilst juggling looking after her daughter. She has years of experience tutoring young people of 6 years up to 17 years old.  She loves passing her love of biology onto the students that she teaches. In her words the greatest thing about tutoring is watching students achieve grades they thought were impossible to achieve.

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Maths & Science Tutor

Awais Seyyad is an incoming Chemistry undergraduate at Imperial College London. He has extensive teaching experience, having worked as a teaching assistant and private tutor throughout his gap year. He has an undying love for flashcards which he will try to impart. He hopes to share his enthusiasm for science and why he finds it so fascinating. 


Physics Tutor

Inca Robinson is a 3rd year undergraduate student at King’s College London reading physics. She began tutoring in 2017 and has taught many children at a range of levels. She is highly enthusiastic about physics and understands it can be challenging for students, so will always endeavour to find creative ways of breaking down difficult concepts. She recently won the King’s Experience Research Award for her theoretical research during a summer internship which focused on the quantum-to-classical boundary.

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Maths & Physics Tutor

Qasim Sadiq is a Physics undergraduate at King's College London and has over a years worth of experience as a STEM tutor. Once a participant in the Times national Spelling Bee and having conducted research on behalf of Jaguar Land-Rover at the University of Warwick, Qasim hopes to inspire the people of tomorrow and to promote a wider appreciation for Physics across the UK.


Religious Studies Tutor

Katie has completed two degrees from King’s College London (KCL): an undergraduate degree in Theology (graduated in 2018) and a Master’s degree in Religion (graduated in 2020). Katie has also studied religion and history summer courses at the University of Helsinki and Humboldt University of Berlin. Katie specialises in early modern Christianity of the Renaissance period, in addition to the study of the historical Jesus. A prominent passion of Katie’s is equal access to education for all; while at university she was a Widening Participation and Social Mobility ambassador, visiting schools across London in an attempt to inspire children and young adults to pursue higher education. This summer, Katie will commence her PGDE in Religious Studies with Teach First. Katie is from Wales, and spends her free time reading fiction novels and socializing with friends.

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Geography Tutor

Jamie is a final year student at University of Exeter. He is studying Geography BA/BSC (Hons). He is part of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). He studies languages and computer programming in his free time and wishes to impart his knowledge onto younger generations.


Sociology, Religious Studies & Philosophy Tutor

Having recently been awarded an MA in Theology & Religion with distinction from The University of Durham, Matt Shahin is currently undertaking his doctoral training at the University of Newcastle in preparation for his PhD in Human and Cultural Geography. During his MA he was published for his research into the function of religion and ritual in Kosher care homes in the USA in volume 10 of the journal Foundation.  He has experience teaching up to a university level standard in a range of subjects.

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